Growing business using Instagram marketing

Hello there! Do you really wanna grow your business and take it to some other level? So what are you waiting for go in for Instagram Marketing? So let us see if you already have some strategy for your online business and if not click on the link below to get guidelines and get connected with us for formulating strategies for social media marketing of your business. Visit 5ive media Pte ltd to know better.

Steps to grow your business using Instagram marketing:

1st Step: Drive traffic to your funnel

Be it organic or with Ads, the first thing we are supposed to do in Instagram marketing is to drive people to your page, say that you are gifting them a free resource that you have created for them.

How can you drive them:

1) You can do it organically if you have a decent, good enough size Instagram following or you can also do it through groups on Instagram and Facebook.

2) You can also run traffic via Ads to run to your landing page. when people go, give them your lead and take them to the free resource provided if everything else is optimized then only they will take it.

2nd step: after they become a lead nurture them

How to nurture your leads? as they have had only one or possibly two touchpoints with you and if they have been following you then they might have had a few more but assuming that new people are coming to your page from the first step using social media.

Now you can run Email marketing campaigns for them. Giving them an invite to your page with different deals and offers and new content/products in which they might have shown some interest.

3rd Step: Retarget and get sales order confirmation

When people come to your sales page or to the products you are selling. Not most of them may buy, say some people buy but some just add to the cart and do not buy, they leave it right there, then, in this case, you can use ads again to retarget all those people specifically while constantly you are creating content across Instagram. These ads are called re-run ads. So give them a direction and help answer their few questions regarding the product. Remind them why they should buy these products.

So like this, you can have multiple touchpoints with your customers and audience to them better by using Instagram marketing across the sales strategy. So that is how you can easily grow your business by using the dual or single strategy (organic or paid ads) using these 3 steps of Instagram marketing and seek more results. So that is all you need to kill it on Instagram and grow your business simultaneously.